Bangla Writing Software for Symbian, Java and Android

Bangla is our mother tongue. The mother of the current era of mobile technology, Android as well as the use of the technology involved in the Bengali language users ever attempt. This is the aim of this effort to write them out. Today we’ll discuss the software, which is a free of cost mobile phone application that supports users to send and receive Bangla Language SMS. It supports the user to type the message in a phonetic way using English alphabets. Application as well gives facility to the user to allow dictionary in that exacting language.

Its Bangla writting software or Bangla keyboard is very popular in Bangladeshi people and Bengali language users in the world, including Indian (Kalkhata) peoples. Here you can download it application for your Symbian, java, and any kinds of Nokia Symbian/Nokia sisx support phones. It apps is sis format. Now download this software from here.

bangla writing software for symbian-1

Now lets look at how to install Bangla writing software for symbian mobile, java mobile, android OS and any kind of Nokia Symbian/Nokia sisx support phone.

Dear all my Friends it’s an Exclusive just the once. After a long time Bangla in your hand on your Mobile display.


Now you can see and write Bangla in your Phone like Computer.
It’s really easier than Computer. Just try it.
Its look like Bangla keybord but easy. Download this software from here in your mobile.

Install Strategy:

If you have Font Router,

Just select this font and restart your phone.
And now see the magic. Go to massage (or write any text). Now write text in Bangla as the picture show and change it Bangla to English, or English to Bangla, whatever you like?

bangla writing software for symbian

Change English to Bangla than Press “az” botton.

Or if you don’t have Font Router,

1. Go to C: e-source Fonts
2. Note the file names of all the fonts you have (at least 4 fonts must have. Some of you may have 6)
3. Download the attached fonts.
4. Now copy and rename it with your own fonts, same number of times as your font in /resource/fonts/
5. Than go to E: e-source Fonts
6. If no folder present named Fonts create it.
7. Copy all fonts that you renamed.
8. Now restart your device.

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Job Done!!!!