How to hack Internet Speed without software

How to hack internet speed without software! It’s funny? No, it’s true and you try to your internet speed through command prompt. No need external software or internet tools for internet speed hacking, It’s only a basic knowledge for speed up internet connection. Ok, I’ll share this tricks step by step as given bellow:

  •  Right now open your CMD, you can press “Windows key + R key”, then type CMD on your opened run box. Now type to command your opened CMD as like are: – ipconfig/allthen enter. You will see look like as given bellow my screenshot:

how to hack internet speed without software

  • You must find DNS Servers line
  • Such as upper screenshot DNS Server IP, you will take this IP through Notepad.
  • And now press this Command as given bellow:

ping (ip) -t

Example: ping -t

how to hack internet speed without software

  • Yes, now complete your work and you will see your internet speed is up and it’s will be double.
  • If you want to close your connection so stop this ping or you can press CTRL + C.

Let me know your beneficial comments about your internet speed. 😀

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