How to Use Free Internet on Android Phone Using VPN

Many of Android users do not know how to use free internet on android phone using vpn and how to use vpn in android, here I wrote about how to use Openvpn in android phone. Here I’m giving procedure to use vpn in robot. Its easy way and main factor is that I am not liable for any damae of your android phone. See given below procedure:

Requirements for Setup OpenVPN

  • We need rooted phone. If you do not know how to root your phone then comment here. I will be reply.
  • Busybox. You can search on Google Play store.
  • Tun.ko Installer. You can get from Google Play store.
  • OpenVPN installer. You can find from Google Play store.
  • OpenVPN setting. You can get from Google Play store
  • VPNConfig. Files. contains crt, ovpn, log, etc.

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  • Install Busybox installer 1st and choose supported version of busybox . Then install it to path/system/xbin. That’s finished.
  • Samsung Galaxy Y does not need to install busybox.
  • Then install Tun.ko installer. It will automatically install your phone. Remember, this is most vital for running VPN.
  • Now install openvpn installer. Set target location same as busybox suggests that /system/xbin. Now it’s clearly done.
  • Now create a folder in SDcard of name ‘Openvpn’ and paste configuration files in this folder. For config. files search on internet.
  • Now install openVPN Setting And connect pasted config.
  • Now Surf net very high speed. And additionally you can download unlimited.

Enjoy everybody.

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