How to Write Bangla in Opera Mini from Mobile and Android

The current technology era of computer, mobile, including Android device Bangla writing trend is much more targeted. Not only in Bangladesh, people throughout the world in the Bangla language and the user computer, Mobile, Android and more different types of operating systems have a tendency to use their own mother tongue as well as the ones found in the Bengali language. Incredible but true, however, that we meet all the demands that he does not know them Bangladeshis. We are trying hard. For the sources of today’s post. Hope you’ll get the idea, and to some extent in this regard.

How to Write Bangla in Opera Mini from Mobile

Recently many of use Facebook and others social networking site from mobile. But the user knows how the Bangla language of the site is to write from mobile. In this article I give some idea of the subjects try today and it is how to write bangla in opera mini from mobile and android. By the way, you can write Bangla from any mobile and android OS browser using the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the site from your mobile or android device.


Then open a window will appear like the image below.

how to write bangla in opera mini from mobile

Now write Bangla from mobile or android. (For example: “bangladesh amader jonmobhumi. tai ami bangladesh ke valobasi.”)

Note: Really it’s very easy way! If desired, you can now see try.

You will get Phonetic Key maps from the link.

And get Bangla JuktoBorno from the link.

Thank you so much for reading this post the way of write Bangla in Mobile or Android from Opera mini or many others browser.

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